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Description: Big Lou and Maxx are super bummed out. The girl they were going to film with is a no-show. These things happen and now it just the two of them hanging around. One of the unwritten benefits of working in porn is that there is never a shortage of hot women. Lou and Maxx arent completely screwed over it seems. Tonight, though, it slim pickings. The halls are a ghost town╤В╨Р╨╢.except for Jazmyn. Jazmyn hasnt been around much because she got a real job cleaning the halls around the office. Jazmyn knew there were shenanigans afoot when Lou and Maxx approached her. She still listened to what they had to say anyway. It been a while since her pussy got a good cleaning out and she figured why not. She had to finish her real job first, though. Jazmyn got naked to finish her cleaning. She was just going to end up naked anyway so she got it out-of-the-way. Now that a good employee. With her job responsibilities complete,тФм╨║zmyn put her real skills to good use. Her tits look way more fantastic with a big cock nestled in-between them compared to when she mopping floors with them. Jazmyn bounces all over Maxx dick and lets him leave one more mess to clean up all over her face.