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Description: T-Bizzle and Stud Vizzle here reporting live from Miami Beach, Winter Music Conference. Butders took out his clear braces so he could talk like a normal person and we tried to bag a tourist. We found Destiny: a cute little dark skinned mami by the pool and Butders pounced on her like she was a big bootied gazelle. She said she was 1/2 Puerto Rican and 1/2 Dominican. That is a deadly combination. It's like mixing gold and silver to create platinum... well that's what my team of monkeys told me anyway. Butders gave her the ”oil rub down” routine and she bit. He started off with the thick thighs and then flipped her over to expose the ass of our dreams. Butders was playing patty-cake with her ass and I was trying to roll up my tongue. We told her about the imaginary tanning bed back at Butter's place and she was down for it. We bent r over and unleashed her heavenly backend that was top 5 dead or alive... no fucking lie. Then they were going to town on each other with a little 69 and she was screaming about how much ”Le encanta la pinga” (Spanish 101. Le encanta la pinga = She loves the dick.) I could listen to her hitting the high notes all day. The back shots on this girl were unbelievable. Butders had her ass doing ”the wave” and shot a wicked 1 and 1/2 foot arc onto her face. The legend of Destiny will live on!