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Description: Fucking hell people! It's been 2 weeks since I got some ass. I'm losing it over here. I don't know if I still got it or not so I was texting my cousin Guy so we could go on another super secret covert mission to score some P-U-S-S-Y! We ambushed some of the usual spots we always hit up to see if we could get lucky. No luck at the train station, or the super market. Later we went to a gas station and as I was walking in we spotted a mouth watering, behind the back fucking, ass shaking Latina out side filling her tank up. When I came back out I went in for the kill. She was really cool and after a little small talk I got her to leave back to her place. I texted Guy and told him to follow behind really slick-like, James Bond, covert spy style. I left the door cracked a little so he could sneak up and watch then when I was going down on her she saw him and freaked and he ran like a little girl. I talked to her bit and she said it was ok if we filmed the whole thing. This is why we love the Latinas; they are the craziest girls on the planet! I oiled her up as she blew my cock with the softest lips and when I sank my meat in her she moaned in a way that could bring a tear to a grown man. I couldn't get enough of her pussy. She had the warmest cooch I've felt in awhile and when I busted I left her with 2 weeks worth on her face. When she went to clean up we ran for it. Left her wondering what the fuck just happened!”