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Description: Welcome back to the fuckfest that is Butders and I met up at the beach and he was giving me shit for finally buying some new sunglasses. Fuck that! I'm all style. Only the best for me. But I'm getting off topic here. We were at the beach looking for another Latina to lay the dick on when we ran into a tall blonde with a heavenly body named Summer. Now Summer looks like a white girl but we found out that Argentina claimed her 18 years ago. With an ass like that I knew she had some Latina blood in her. Well Butders got the introduction down and offered an oil rub because we take a stand against tan lines... ok actually we just wanted to feel up on that glorious ass. After that budters was a little excited and Summer was hot and thirsty so we went back to my place. We cooled her down with some ice all over those perky tits and smooth ass. Then Butders oiled up her ass again and couldn't help but get a little taste, coño. (Spanish 101. Coño = damn!) That got her a little excited and she was taking the meat to the back of the throat. She was loving every second of it. Then she got on the couch and Butders rammed that ass. And since she was thirsty earlier Butders left her with a cum puddle on her tits to quench it. 1 more for the good guys!