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Description: Our journey never ends. Back on the scene with my right hand man Johnny looking for some sexy Latina ladies that want to know how to have fun and aren’t scared of the camera. Walking though our neighborhood we found a cute ass girl in the park sitting all alone watching some dogs playing. Her name was Samantha and she seems really cool. She didn’t mind us walking and talking to her or even that we had a camera. We got to know her a little and found out she was quite adventurous and was down to come with us and shoot a little “interview”. When we got back her and Johnny were flirting and we laid it out for her: we wanted to her an Johnny to bone on camera for us. We took her stripping down and getting fingered as a yes! Johnny pulled out his cock and she started blowing him like it was 2012. What a fucking catch! She loved to get fucked. I haven’t seen a girl enjoy herself so much in a long time. She was riding that cock and moaning like a nympho! I think you’re going to love this girl. We did :)