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Description: Owning a strip club is very very stressful. The girls are always dropping out last minute and not warning me. This puts me in a shitty situation. I was scrambling to find a last minute replacement. Charlie was calling girls but they either weren't picking up or just saying no. Fuck! I was about to call off the show when we got really lucky. We saw a sexy brunette with a nice big ass jogging around the neighborhood. She was wearing some nice tight yoga pants and a tight white top with no bra. We should see her hard nipples through the shirt. Her name was Carolina Santana. She was super hot but also very nice. She wasn't freaked at all when we stopped her. And when we asked her if she wanted to be the main girl in our little strip show, she jumped at the chance. Nice! We got back and Charlie started to teach her some moves. She was really good. She didn't need much direction at all and was a naturalHer clothes came off real quick and her lips were wrapped around Charlie's cock in no time. She shook that booty and has her pussy boned hard on stage. This is going to be a great show!