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Description: For a couple weeks we've been picking up girls and on the way home while they're in the back seat we've been stripping them down and feeling them up. Well my car isn't that big and we thought about it and came to the conclusion that we needed a bigger car. So we've headed to the dealership to see what we could find. Boy did we find what we were looking for. A sexy 18 year old Colombian hottie named Andrea began showing us around. She was wearing some tight pink jeans that perfectly showed off her amazing ass. We walked around for a bit and she showed us the different models and we came to a decision but we still needed to get rid of my car so we asked her to come back to my place and check it out. She followed us back and Johnny wasted no time putting the moves on her. The pink jeans dropped and so did the panties. She was in love with the cock and sucked it like she needed it to breathe. Everytime Johnny took his cock out she begged him to ram it back in. That's what I call a Loca Latina!