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Description: We have a pretty big place and some messy roommates so we called up a cleaning service to send over a maid. The girl sounded really cute, 20 years old, petite brunette, sexy voice. She showed up at 4 looking really cute. Johnny thought she must be playing a joke on us because she didn't really look like a maid at all. We brought her in an explained the job we needed done but we added a twist: we gave her a skimpy little uniform to wear while we watched her clean. She seemed ok with it. When she came out dressed in the French maid outfit the last thing we wanted was for her to clean. We flirted with her a little bit and slowly started to get her undressed and Johnny worked his magic. She got on her knees and started blowing him. She was really wet. We sat her on a couch and fingered that juicy snatch. She was moaning and we knew she wanted some cock in her so Johnny granted her request and fucked the shit out of our new maid.