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Description: We just dropped the lovely Sativa off at the airport and were waiting for my cousins parents to show up when the asshole starts whining about going to get some food before they get here. I told him to go to the vending machine I saw on the way back and after some more whining he shut up and when over. He came back giddy as shit and told me I needed to go check out some girl that was waiting for a train all alone. I was really hoping on relaxing??? I mean 2 in one day is fucking amazing but he was pushing me and reminding me that 3 in a day is fucking unheard of. So there I was walking over to this train stop where I saw the cutest little Latina on the planet. Her name was Alexis and she was quite a catch. I starting making small talk and asked her what she was doing here all alone. She paid a guy to marry her so she can get her papers to stay here but she got duped. She paid him to pick her up and he never showed so she was stuck in a country with no papers and no friends. We to her that we would help her out. When we got her back to my boy ???The Ghostriders??? house we told her she could marry my cousin but had to pay for it??? she had no money so we worked something else out. She got out of those clothes real quick and showed us some tits to die for. Plump, perky, and puffy nipples. Her pussy was so tight. I couldn???t even get my whole dick in there. She???s going to have a nice time here in the U.S. with my cousin. Only in America!