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Description: We had a day off so we wanted to chill outside for a little bit and take in the sun. After a little exercise we saw this cute little brunette that appeared to be having car troubles. We've heard of girls who bait guys in like this and end up having a gun and robbing them so we approached slowly. Her name was Adriana Vega and she gave us a sob story on how her car sucks and she needs a ride. We're a couple nice guys so we gave her a ride and hung out with her for a little bit. She started to open up and then we slowly got the clothes to come off. What a sexy petite bitch. She was horn as fuck and we could tell so after slipping a tongue in her pussy we slipped a cock in and gave her what she wanted and then we popped a sticky load all over her pretty face. And to think, we almost didn't help her out hahaha!