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Description: We are back in beautiful Medellin Colombia again. It was a rainy day so I called up my good friend Isabel. A sexy blonde with amazing blue eyes and a firm ass. It's been about 3 months since I've seen her and she is looking better then ever. She's a dancer at a club so I had her stand up and dance for me a little. You know a dance isn't a dance unless clothes some off so I had her strip for me also. She's a freak so I got her all oiled up and had her sit down and before you know it she was fingering herself. Her pussy was so wet and I just couldn't sit there any longer and not do anything so I walked over and helped her out a bit. Then we brought out a little toy for her to play with while I fingered her. I love watching girl's faces while they get fingered. Enough was enough and my dick wanted some attention too so I whipped it out and let her blow me with those nice soft lips. Soon after I sunk my dick in her and it was fucking awesome. Tight and hot. Pussy just can't be beat. In the middle of us fucking we hear a knock at the door and she tells me she invited another friend. I really thought it was a girl but it was my boy Danny. Apparently they are friends as well and we like to make our friends happy so her and Danny started going at it. Isabel was down to get dicked twice in an hour. What a crazy one! I think I'll be staying here to check out more Colombian locas!