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Description: Oh shit! We got a wild one this week. My boy Johnny told me about a little saloon where a sexy Latina works. We walked in after hours and she was not cool with that. We tried to talk to her for a bit and get to know her but she was quite hostile. She didn’t like me or the camera and was trying to turn it off by slapping at it. It was getting out of hand and Johnny had to calm her down. She said her name was Karen Tovar and she was from Colombia and operated the saloon. He smooth talked her and she started warming up to him. He talked her into a little strip tease which was so fucking hot!!! She was shook her ass in a way that was mouthwatering. With in a couple minutes they were naked and fucking in the middle of the bar. What a sexy bitch she was that loved cock. We tamed this loca just for you!