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Description: So I’m in the XXX PAWN SHOP shop trying to persuade this young lady to purchase a beautiful winter coat, Big Mike and me where doing the old tag team thing where one of us distracts the customer with some fancy item to get them to spend more, we call it the Alabama feath…PAUSE, give me a sec, I’m going off topic way too much. Let me focus you all in on the matter at hand, Jessi, a feisty latina who’s trying to sell her ex-boyfriends pet..a cool Bearded Dragon named PACO. This latin firecracker was all about business, she wasn’t having any of my flirting. So I had to dig into her story, turns out her man is a cheater…I love when a scored woman walks into the XXX PAWN SHOP!! Persuaded er to go back to the office, and thats where i helped her plan her revenge and walk out with some pesos. She wasn’t having it, she had the audacity to call me a Gringo and even tried to imply I had what she called a BD, Baby Dick!! Now you know I’m always up for a challenge, we made a small wager, I proved to her I was packing a WHITE ANACONDA in my pants and the dick was in her mouth within seconds. Not so tough now señorita. Sex was wild. Another one for the record books!!