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Description: You would not believe some of the things I've seen people try to sell me at this job. I've gotten the occasional boat and car. I've had a few gold records come and go. Even had one of them thare award show awards once. Now I know there is some equestrian enthusiast in the area, but that type of clientele usually don't make its way into my shop. There's always a first time for everything I guess. Lexie came into the shop with a gosh darn horse saddle. The price she wanted was crazy, so that wasn't going to happen. This little cowgirl was in desperate need of money and she did have something else I was more than willing to pay top dollar for. No, not her horse you sick fucks - her pussy. She can keep the damn saddle, all I wanted was for her to ride me. She did, but not like how I was expecting. Now I know it's all steers and queers in Texas, but some of that must be rubbing off on them Texas ladies. Lexie here rode me with my big ole pecker right up her poop shoot. I still hate Texas, fuck your football team, but Texas girls letting me fuck them in the ass for money…now that I don't hate.